The GRIP FORCE product line was designed for the Military, Law Enforcement,  and Civilian shooting communities to offer a way for them to improve their shooting grip, and maximize their control over their pistol.

The GRIP FORCE ADAPTER was developed with input from some of the industry's leading trainers and pistolsmiths.  It is designed to fulfill the wants and needs of shooters who prefer to have their GLOCK pistol conform to their hands better, and index on target in a more efficient manner. 
Intensive testing and evaluation with shooters who prefer the 1911 weapons platform, and shooters who prefer the Glock weapons platform, yielded results which were utilized in the design of our GRIP FORCE ADAPTER.

GRIP FORCE ADAPTERS were engineered using state of the art computer-aided design (CAD).  Utilizing solid modeling capabilities and 3D scanning of select
pistols, GRIP FORCE ADAPTERS were developed to provide shooters the ultimate in
control, comfort, and protection.  GRIP FORCE ADAPTERS provide improved grip texturing, and an enhanced grip tang area with longitudinal supports molded in for structural integrity. 
The GRIP FORCE ADAPTER can easily be installed or removed from your pistol without permanent modification, or any damage or marring to your GLOCK frame.  GRIP FORCE ADAPTERS can be fit to the pistol's frame in a semi-permanent manner for hard duty use.



The GRIP FORCE ADAPTER provides several elements to aid the shooter in maximizing their performance.  The lower section of the adapter fills in the contour
on the back strap of the GLOCK pistol.  This adjusts the effective grip angle of the pistol in relation to the bore axis.  Some shooters prefer this area to be flatter, so it conforms to their firing hand better.  This offers them more control and feel as they are firing the pistol.  This also enhances the pointability of the pistol, specifically in the way in which it indexes on target.  It improves sight acquisition during presentation and subsequent follow up shots.  It also puts the shooter's wrist in a different position.  For some shooters, this new wrist position creates a stronger shooting platform.  This aids the shooter in driving the pistol directly onto target.   

The extended grip tang protects the webbing of the firing hand.  It also allows the shooter to drive their hand as high as possible on the back of the grip, without fear
of it coming in contact with the slide.  This helps guide the user in forming the proper shooting grip, especially when drawing from a holster.  The underside of this extended grip tang is also utilized by the firing hand to gain leverage over the pistol. When the wrist is locked properly, and the firing hand is stabilized, the added length of the grip tang helps secure the pistol in the hand.  This aids the shooter in controlling the pistol during rapid firing.

The enhanced grip texture on the back strap of the adapter also helps lock the pistol in the shooter's grip.  The harder the shooter grips the pistol, the more effective the grip texture becomes.  This further improves the shooter's ability to control the weapon.  When used properly, these design elements help the shooter achieve maximum control over the pistol.  This equates to less wasted motion while
shooting, and the potential for faster and more accurate shots.  

GRIP FORCE is pleased to offer solutions for shooters who are looking to 
maximize their
shooting performance.

All GRIP FORCE products are developed, designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.  

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