“In combat, Reactive Shooting is KING!”

                                                                Andy Langley              
                                         Viet Nam Veteran USMC/Rhodesian SAS                                                                               Former Instructor Rogers Shooting School                                      



• Directs the shooter’s vision through the rear notch to
  the front sight

• Optimizes the shooter's ability to rapidly achieve the   proper sight picture        

• Maximizes the shooter's accuracy when performing in   human reaction time    


GRIP FORCE is proud to introduce the GRIP FORCE RTS (Reactive Tactical Sight).

The GRIP FORCE RTS in the world's first and only non-electronic rear pistol sight that is specifically designed and optimized for Reactive Shooting.

The GRIP FORCE RTS is a replacement rear sight that is compatible with plain, tritium, and fiber optic front sights that are already available from various manufacturers in the marketplace.

Reactive shooting is performed in human response time, which is made up of reaction time and movement time.  The average human reaction time is .25 seconds. In response to every action, you must perform about two reactions. In Reactive Shooting, the target and the shooter are not completely stabilized. Neither are the weapon or the sights, and there is no “perfect sight picture”. During most real world encounters, the shooter does not have the time to try and stabilize all of those various elements.

To perform successfully under real life time conditions, the shooter must perform in the minimal amount of time in order to successfully neutralize an adversary. The GRIP FORCE RTS is designed to maximize the shooter's speed and accuracy in human reaction time. Its design increases the shooter's ability to get front sight focus, at speed, and under stress.

The GRIP FORCE RTS is an evolution of traditional notch and post sight design. The RTS design eliminates any aspects of traditional sights that hinder the shooter's ability to achieve focus on the front sight. They also optimize the ability of the shooter to achieve the desired sight picture at combat speed, allowing the shooter to achieve maximum accuracy in compressed time standards.

Design Elements:

The GRIP FORCE RTS utilizes specific angles on the lower portion of the sight body. These angles are designed to increase the speed at which the shooter can align the front and rear sights, and achieve front sight focus.

These angles direct the shooter's eye through the rear notch, and visually intersect at the top of the front sight post when the front and rear sights are properly aligned.


The outside edges of the two rear vertical posts utilize a smaller version of the same angle that is on the lower portion of the sight body.

These smaller angles assist the shooter, and increase the speed at which he can properly align the top of the front and rear sight posts.



The sight design utilizes two vertical posts on the upper section of the sight body. These rear posts, combined with the front sight, provide the shooter with the most important aspect of traditional sights, the “Hard Lines” of the sight.

The “Hard Lines” of the sights are the four 90 degree angles of the sights. They consist of the inside left and right 90 degree angles of the rear sight notch.  The “Hard Lines” also encompass the outside left and right 90 degree angles at the top of the front sight post.

These “Hard Lines” of the sights give the shooter the capability to precisely align the sights for windage and elevation. These are the same design elements that are utilized when Precision Shooting is required using the GRIP FORCE RTS.



The main advantage of the GRIP FORCE RTS over other sight designs is the increase in speed at which the shooter can properly align the sights, and achieve front sight focus. 

They are designed to enhance the shooter's ability to direct his vision into the front sight post, while still allowing enough of a reference for the shooter to properly align the sights while performing “at speed”.



Due to the design elements of the GRIP FORCE RTS, the shooter’s speed and accuracy are maximized while performing in human reaction time.  

This enhances the shooter's ability to perform at combat speed.

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