(IF YOU USE A)                                                                    (THEN YOU SHOULD USE A)            


              GLOCK GEN 1    -----------------------------------------------    GEN 123 ADAPTER


              GLOCK GEN 2     ----------------------------------------------     GEN 123 ADAPTER


              GLOCK GEN 3     ----------------------------------------------     GEN 123 ADAPTER


              GLOCK GEN 4    -----------------------------------------------      GEN 4 ADAPTER




              GLOCK GEN 4     ----------------------------------------------     GEN 123 ADAPTER

               (w/ MEDIUM GRIP PANEL) 


             GLOCK GEN 4      ----------------------------------------------     GEN 123 ADAPTER

                 (w/ LARGE GRIP PANEL)                                                               (ONLY IF HIGHLY MODIFIED)

If you are using a GEN 1, GEN 2, or GEN 3 series GLOCK, you can only use one of our GEN 123 ADAPTERS on your pistol.  Both versions of the GRIP FORCE ADAPTER, GEN 123 and GEN 4, can be used on GLOCK’s new GEN 4 series of pistols. 

Whatever factory grip configuration the shooter decides to use on their GEN 4 pistol will dictate which GRIP ADAPTER they can utilize on their GEN 4 frame.  Those who choose to use their GEN 4 pistol in its short “SF frame” configuration (with no GEN 4 Medium or Large factory grip panels installed on the frame), should purchase our GEN 4 GRIP ADAPTER.  This ADAPTER, mounted on a GLOCK GEN 4 pistol, will make it index as if it had a more upright back strap/grip angle.  Our GEN 4 ADAPTER is designed to only be used on the "SF frame" of the GEN 4. 

Any customer who utilizes the GLOCK GEN 4 factory Medium grip panel on their GEN 4 pistol, must use our GEN 123 ADAPTER over top of the Medium grip.  The GLOCK GEN 4 factory Medium grip panel is designed to configure the grip of the GEN 4 pistol similar to GLOCK’s older GEN 3 series of pistols. 

 ***Our GEN 4 ADAPTER will not fit over top of this GEN 4 factory Medium grip panel.

Our GEN 123 Adapter on a GEN 3 series (or older) Glock, will index slightly different  than the GEN 4 SF frame/ADAPTER combination.  This slight difference is due to the shorter front to back dimensions between the standard and SF frames. Our GRIP ADAPTERS fill in the contour on the back strap of the frame, and create a flatter area which makes the gun index on target differently. 

***Our GEN 123 and GEN 123SC ADAPTERS cannot be installed over top of GLOCK’s GEN 4 factory Large grip panel.

The increased size of that grip prevents our stock GEN 123 ADAPTER from fitting over top of it.  Some end users have chosen to permanently modify their GLOCK GEN 4 factory Large grip panel, along with our GEN 123 ADAPTER, to use these products together.  In order to do this, they remove material from the underside of our GEN 123 ADAPTER, and contour it to mate it over top of the Large factory grip panel.  They then use epoxy adhesive to permanently affix it to their factory Large grip panel when it is installed on their GEN 4 pistol.  This is the only way one of our GEN 123 ADAPTERS can be used on a GLOCK factory Large grip panel.

                                  LARGE FRAMED GLOCKS (10mm and .45 cal)

Our GEN 123 and new GEN 123SC Adapters should fit on your Large frame (10mm and .45 cal) GEN 1 through GEN 3 Glock pistols.  Depending on what year your specific receiver/frame was produced, the end user may need to slightly modify the GRIP FORCE ADAPTER before it will fit on the Large framed Glocks.  If needed, you can remove a slight bit of material from the underside of the adapter in order for it to fit on your specific pistol.  Our GEN 4 ADAPTER will fit on the SF Frame of the GEN 4 Glock (10mm and .45 cal) pistols.  


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